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So, this kind of became a big deal when Fortnite was announced for and released on the Nintendo Switch at E3 earlier this month. All the kiddos got pretty excited about it until they realized they couldn't play with their PS4 friends. Sony put a hard "no" on platform cross-play. Well, let's lay on some more pressure, because Nintendo and Microsoft have announced Minecraft cross-play on their respective consoles.

As you can see in the brief video trailer above, players enjoying the "blockbuster" title from Mojang (see what I did there?) can link up across systems. The boy on the Nintendo Switch is enjoying his Minecraft cross-play with the gal on the Xbox One. See how happy they are?

And this isn't just limited to the Switch the Xbox One either. The newest update to Minecraft delivers the Bedrock Engine to the Switch, making it possible to play with PC and smartphone folks too. The only major platform left out of the Minecraft cross-play party is the Sony PS4 and that's on Sony.

In fact, Sony isn't supporting cross-play for Rocket League either.

The thing is that Sony is no stranger to cross-platform play. I know from my own personal experience that gamers on the PS4 can throw hadoukens at their PC-gaming brethren in Street Fighter V. The caveat is that Sony was heavily invested in that game and it's not on the Xbox One. Maybe Sony just has a problem with Microsoft and Nintendo.

If the above trailer is any indication, this buddy-buddy relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo probably won't end with Minecraft cross-play. This could be a sign of much more cross-platform online multiplayer in the years to come.

And if you're looking for some more new gaming action, Mario Tennis Aces comes out tomorrow. Or, if you're looking to save a few coins, the digital download of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is on sale for half price at just $29.99. Neither offer cross-play with Xbox One, of course.

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