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With Netflix taking over the world with its initial programming and large quantity of TELEVISION shows and movies, you 'd believe that it would be content with the cash it's making. Now it's all set to offer games a shot.

Netflix has matched up with Telltale Games to bring easy video game experiences to the streaming service. The first game that will belong to the offer is Minecraft: Story Mode, though it's unknown if it'll be the first season, second season or potentially both.Story Mode will be used up through a five-part episodic experience that players can handle in any order. And chances are we'll also see the likes of The Strolling Dead and other video games down the road.But exactly what's fascinating here is a cooperation that might

be emerging since of the deal. Apparently we'll be getting a new Telltale Games project that integrates Minecraft with Complete stranger Things. Information aren't offered right now, however we must understand more shortly.As far as how the video games will be provided on the service, it appears that it'll be per an on-demand set-up."The Netflix version of Minecraft: Story Mode will be provided by means of video files and will accept commands by means of any remote equipped with directional and choose buttons. This simplified command is a perfect pairing for Telltale's slate of video games, as they typically only require the player to pick from dialogue choices or move the cursor to a particular location on the screen.(Though, from the noises of it, much of the fight series will be cut from the end product,)" the article notes.It might work likewise to the Amazon Fire platform, with people having the ability to pick their course and occasionally get in remote inputs through Netflix to keep things moving along.As far as when

the partnership will be announced, the post notes that it" might occur any day," though an E3 launching may not be taking place because we're so late in the show anyway.0 comments Other companies could be checking out such on-demand entertainment too, such as HBO. However it appears like we're waiting to see who'll make the first move in this strong brand-new direction.We'll see if Telltale has anything to state on

the program floor!

In the meantime, you can take a look at Minecraft: Story Mode for consoles, mobile phones and PC now.You May Also Like:

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