Netflix already has a couple of video games on its platform, but more are on the way. The streaming service is teaming up with developer Telltale Games to bring Minecraft: Story Mode, an experience video game based upon Minecraft that plays absolutely nothing like Minecraft, to the platform. As initially reported by TechRadar, the entire 5 episode run of Telltale's Minecraft video game will pertain to the service and deal with any gadget that streams Netflix and has a remote that can choose left or ideal.

Netflix games take the kind of interactive stories such as Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Pal Thunderstruck: The Perhaps Pile. The setup is easy-- the audience sees the program for a bit then gets to pick the course for the character. Early on in Puss in Book, the audience gets to decide in between making the cartoon cat combat a god or battle a tree. It's like Dragon's Lair or a number of the adventure games developed by Telltale.

Minecraft: Story Mode is a great option. It's the most basic and most kid-friendly of the Telltale games with the majority of the choices breaking down along binary lines-- similar to Puss in Book and Netflix's other interactive narrative titles. Something like The Strolling Dead or Batman: The Telltale Series have some more complex games that require more fragile input.

More exciting is the news that Telltale Games is dealing with a brand-new video game embeded in the Complete stranger Things universe. Netflix didn't share any details about what that video game would be, but Netflix has stated it won't be playable on its platform.


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