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Minecraft just ended its “Block of the Week” series, but it looks like there might be one more Note Block-centered post coming sometime in the future.

As the name of the weekly segment suggests, Mojang would publish a new article every week that was all about one specific block in the game. From talking about what players can do with the block to pointing out real-world inspirations and versions of the blocks, the posts have been running for a long time now, something that’s not hard to imagine considering how many Minecraft blocks there are. One block that’s never been featured though despite being asked for repeatedly is the Note Block, a block that’s turned into a Minecraft meme in connection with the weekly series.

But just as was previewed, the weekly block series has now come to a close, or at least that’s what that Minecraft Twitter account would have players think.

No more block of the week! yes sadly Our weekly series of blocks is over. Thanks to Everyone who Brilliantly took the time to Look at Our Crazy weekly block column! who Knows what we'll write about next week?

— Minecraft (@Minecraft) May 25, 2018

The tweet above was shared just two days ago and said “No more block of the week!” It’s news that disappointed many who were waiting on the Noteblock feature, but many were quick to point out that there’s actually a hidden message buried in the tweet. While the tweet closes by teasing what’ll be written about next week, players noticed that if you look at all the letters that are capitalized, they spell out “Note Block.”

This has led to many thinking that the Note Block will be featured next week, hopefully in some spectacular manner given how requested it’s been. One user in particular by the name of Dr. Grandayy and the Twitter handle grande1899 has been especially adamant about getting justice for the Note Block. The user has tweeted at the Minecraft account time and time again asking when the Note Block would be featured, so perhaps they’ll even get a special shoutout if and when the Note Block article goes up.

— Dr. Grandayy ? (@grande1899) May 25, 2018

Probably final??? What about the note block?????

— Dr. Grandayy ? (@grande1899) May 18, 2018

When is the note block gonna be block of the week?

— Dr. Grandayy ? (@grande1899) June 16, 2017

— Dr. Grandayy ? (@grande1899) May 26, 2018

Mojang hasn't confirmed at Note Block post just yet, but look for one to hopefully come sometime next week.



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