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< img src=http://media.comicbook.com/2018/05/minecraft-login-1111288.jpeg alt="Minecraft Login "title=" Minecraft Login"height=382 width=655 data-item= 1111288 > Minecraft creators Mojang are working to solve login concerns that are keeping gamers from signing into their

accounts.The server concerns have actually been going on throughout the day with numerous reports being sent to online forums like the < a href= https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/8ldrm8/login_problems_cant_invite_people_to_java_realms/ target=_ blank > Minecraft subreddit and on Twitter. Users have actually stated that they're absolutely unable to log into their Minecraft accounts and are therefore unable to develop some blocky productions, and it doesn't appear as though Mojang has an ETA for when the problems will be totally resolved.We're examining reports of ongoing authentication problems-TM-- Mojang Status(@MojangStatus) May 22, 2018 Mojang initially acknowledged the server concerns earlier in the day when the Mojang Status Twitter account that tracks service status concerns shared a similar tweet to the one above that stated the business was"working on repairing the problem people are presently experiencing with authentication." An hour after that was tweeted, Mojan said that a fix had been deployed that should've fixed the authentication issues that players were experiencing, but the more recent tweet recommends that that's not the case.comments Since the servers started experiencing issues, gamers have actually been sharing their server problem reports in droves with many questioning exactly what's going

on and others asking if

there was some manner in which they might fix the issue. Numerous stated that they've currently changed their account passwords in hopes of navigating the authentication issues, some of them altering their credentials many times. It deserves explaining that Mojang does have several Twitter accounts however, and the one that you'll want to look towards for problems like this is the Mojang Status account, not the Mojang Assistance account as lots of have actually tagged in their tweets. @MojangSupport Hi, i cant login in Minecraft Launcher on PC. Password etc are. Exist any Issues with Login Server?-- Thalamus( @Thalamus400)

May 22, 2018 @MojangSupport FIX MY MINECRAFT ACCOUNT, I CANT LOGIN AND HAVE RECORDING LATER-- Quake(@XxQuakeaSaurXx ) May 22, 2018 Mojang's login servers are shot. I am unable to log into Minecraft on any account at all. Stream will be rescheduled for tomorrow sadly. Press F to pay respects.-- FitMC(@SonOfShoop) May 22, 2018< a href="https://twitter.com/MojangSupport?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw" > @MojangSupport Hey there, I have a problem with my Minecraft account

. If I wish to log in, Login failed. Invalid user name or password."-- Gecko201577106(@gecko201577106 ) May 22, 2018 The Mojang Status Twitter account should signal gamers when the issues have been resolved. We'll update this report on Minecraft's login issues once again info appears.



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