Minecraft Is Coming To Experience Time for A Really Blocky Episode

Experience Time currently concerned Mojang's survival game/block building phenom Minecraft in 2015, and now the animated series is returning the favour with a special episode that sees Finn and buddies having a good time in a far more angular variation of the Land of Ooo than they're used to.

Princess Bubblegum gets her craft on in Adventure Time's Minecraft episode. Image: Animation Network

Animation Network unveiled the first official clip from "Diamonds and Lemons" today, part of the channel's ongoing collaboration with Mojang that started with last year's Minecraft content pack.

It is, unsurprisingly, some Adventure Time goodness with a bricky Minecraft appearance, as Finn, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum find themselves building creations and crafting products ... you know, like, Minecraft things, simply with less arseholes trying to entice creepers to come and blow up your carefully-constructed masterpieces.The episode is set to air

next month, however it isn't the only thing Animation Network is doing to mark the event. It's also collaborating with Funko to launch a series of Pop! Vinyl figures based upon the program's noodly-appendaged take on the Minecraft visual: They ... type of work much better than typical Funko Pops do, truthfully? Image: Funko Since truly, would it be a hot media collab in 2018 if there wasn't a series of Funko Pops to go with it?" Diamonds and Lemons "is set to air in the United States July 20 on Animation Network and the Cartoon Network

app, while the Experience Time x Minecraft Funko figures will be offered at some point next month, too.Comment Voting Just visited users may vote for comments!Trending Stories Today 16 Studios Removing Alleged Spyware From

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