Minecraft-- The Best Ways To Make A Telephone! Today I'm going to reveal you ways to make a great and simple Minecraft Telephone. This Minecraft Telephone will look excellent in all of your houses and need to look a lot much better than the standard Minecraft Telephone designs you are used to. In this Minecraft Tutorial series, I will be showing you cool things to integrate in Minecraft and plainly breaking it down step by action, demonstrating how to make nice/cool styles simply like the Minecraft Telephone design in this video. The Minecraft Telephone should work for all versions of Minecraft such as XBOX, PS4, PS3, MCPE, Wii U & & PC. If you have any concerns about this Minecraft Telephone tutorial or have a Minecraft Telephone style of your very own, please don't hesitate to put it in the comment section down below. Likewise, I want to give a Huge thank you to Epica for dealing with me on this Minecraft Telephone Design. I hope you enjoy this tutorial of Minecraft-- How To Make Telephone ● Confronting North
►/ summon armor_stand|| -2.22|0.169
2 ►/ summon armor_stand|| -2.7|-0.289 NoGravity:1 b, Pose:

● Facing South
1 ►/ summon armor_stand|| -2.22|-0.169
2 ►/ summon armor_stand|| -2.7|0.289

● Confronting East
1 ►/ summon armor_stand|-0.169|-2.22|
►/ summon armor_stand|0.289|-2.7|Rotation: 90f, NoGravity:1 b, Position:

● Facing West
1 ►/ summon armor_stand|0.169|-2.22|
2 ►/ summon armor_stand|-0.289|-2.7|

● White Keypad Head ► https://pastebin.com/i7F1t4fS
● Black Keypad Head ► https://pastebin.com/TyJD9S6k!.?.!● Command Block Command ►/ give(name )minecraft: command_block ● Join Team Biggs! ► http://bit.ly/TeamBiggs ● Minecraft Telephone Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLATczsrjFTph28NHbyIgCNvLOyMWOdvih------------------------.: My Details:. ● Second Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/RickyandZai ● Snapchat: itsbiggs87x ● Twitter: http://twitter.com/biggs87x ● Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Biggs87x ● Instagram: http://instagram.com/biggs87x/# ● TwitchTV: http://www.twitch.tv/biggs87x!.?.!———————————–.:Minecraft Server Information:.
● Fan Server IP ► mc.kaoshkraft.net ● Kaoshkraft Website ► http://www.kaoshkraft.net/ ● Get 70%a Minecraft server when you utilize code"kaoshkraft"► http://bit.ly/Envious_Host!.?.!—————————————Title ► Minecraft-- The Best Ways To Make A Telephone

------------------------ Thanks for all your support on

this Minecraft-- How To Make A Telephone. Ranking the video and leaving a comment is always valued!-- Biggs87x
------------------------ -Exactly what is Minecraft? Minecraft is an independent computer game developed in 2009 by self-taught Swedish

programmer Markus Persson aka Notch, who declares it now has more than 100 million signed up users. Minecraft is

typically explained as a'sandbox video game'. This indicates

that it's a virtual land where users can produce their own worlds and experiences, utilizing structure blocks, resources found on the planet and using their own creativity they can

construct or develop anything they wish. The game

is readily available on multiple platforms. You can play on a computer, smartphone, tablet, X Box or Playstation. It is growing in popularity day by day, particularly among primary-aged kids. Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has actually rapidly turned into one of the most popular games on the planet. As an indie video game constructed by a very small team, Minecraft's success isn't really down to huge resources or a carefully planned marketing method. So exactly what discusses its popularity with children? Minecraft has actually been referred to as a game with no rules. It does not included a set of guidelines, or a stated goal-- gamers can build and explore nevertheless they desire. It's typically compared to virtual Lego.

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