Advertiser: Microsoft / Minecraft

Brand:Taylor Smith Fergus Lynch Jessica Freeman Emily Orrson Lydia Winters Nicolette Suraga

Creative Agency

Creative Agency:McCann 215

Creative Director:Neil Bruce

Copywriter:Andy Holdeman

Art Director:Alper Kologlu (ACD)

Chief Creative Officer:Scott Duchon

Strategy Director:Cassidy Wilber

Director of Integrated Production: Alex Spahr

Associate Producer:Christina Chin

Assistant Account Executive:Robbie Kalish

Director of Business Affairs: Mary Beth Barney

Director of Strategy:Brian Wakabayashi

Production Company

Production Company:Strike Anywhere

Executive Producer:Cori Cooperider

Director:Michael Jacobs

Line Producer:Adrienne Hall

Illustrator:Rod Hunt

Camera Operator:The Jetlagged

Underwater DOP:Hendrik S. Schmitt & Claudia Schmitt

Animators:Carson Bell


Editor:Clayton Worfolk

Post Production / VFX

Flame Artists:Mark Everson

Colourist:Sean Wells

Telecine:Mission Film and Design

Managing Director:Matt Notaro

Animators:Tom Yaniv


Mix: Joaby Deahl


Original Score:Robot Repair


Senior Account Executive:Sam Brody

Technology Partner

Agency: Global Coral Reef Alliance

President:President and Founder: Thomas Goreau, PhD/Vice President for Design, Power & IT: Thomas Sarkisian

Project Manager:Project Management and Coordination: Marcia Cristina Tessis

Production:Local Subcontractor: Qualti, S.A

Ecologically-focused campaign by 215 McCann partners with The Nature Conservancy to enable players to trigger donations through Minecraft gameplay

This summer, the Minecraft Update Aquatic is launching for players around the world, filling the once-empty Minecraft oceans with new characters, treasures, shipwrecks, and colourful coral reefs. But while our virtual Minecraft oceans are teeming with digital sea life, our real-world, real-life oceans are being devastated. Coral reefs are shrinking and sea life is disappearing.

The Coral Crafters project brings the Update Aquatic to our real-life oceans through a series of Minecraft community-designed underwater sculptures that will serve as the anchors for a new coral reef, which over time will grow and sustain a new marine ecosystem. Six sculptures modelled after characters and Minecraft builds were constructed in an innovative method that accelerates natural coral growth called Biorock. These sculptures were anchored onto the sea floor off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico, in June 2018. These should continue to grow as coral colonies for decades to come.

The Minecraft community and content creators, including a classroom of students in Mexico, generated three of the six designs. The first design was voted on by the entire Minecraft community from three designs by video creator LogDotZip and the second was created by video creator StacyPlays and her community. Students from a school in Mexico, where the structures will live and grow coral, generated the third design guided by Mexico-based video creator Rabahrex. Four of these students attended the final installation of their design, which will help populate the ocean these young people will one day inherit.

Minecraft and 215 McCann are partnering with The Nature Conservancy surrounding the Update Aquatic as well. Simply by building coral in the game or by buying a custom-made content pack for The Nature Conservancy, players will trigger a donation from Microsoft and Minecraft to the charitable organisation. These donations will allow The Nature Conservancy to farm and plant coral throughout the Caribbean. Early on we worked with a lead scientist and marine ecologist for The Nature Conservancy, Stephanie Wear, to understand the threats to our oceans and how we can protect our oceans.

The campaign will run globally on paid media (Owned and Paid Social) beginning on June 26th. Minecraft’s Update Aquatic will be available on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices this summer.


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