Minecraft 2 will be unique to Xbox One and Windows 9?

News By now, you have actually probably heard the rumor. Microsoft may be attempting to buy Mojang, the studio behind Minecraft. The Wall Street Journal broke the news late the other day, naming a confidential source near the negotiations. The most jaw-dropping little bit of the news was the reported cost. $2 billion! It sounded insane. Markus Persson, outspoken developer of Minecraft, was going to sell his business to Microsoft? The guy that flamed Oculus when Facebook purchased them for $2 billion? The male that reacted to shilling in 2012 with

this sarcastic tweet!.?.!? Anyway, my price is 2 billion dollars. Offer me two billion dollars, and I'll back your crap.A number of hours later, Bloomberg reported the same story, however they had three sources and some appealing information. Inning accordance with their people, Persson connected to Microsoft with the proposal! Astonishing, if true. Earlier today, The New york city Times backed the rumors contributing to the mill. The report agree that a main statement could come as early as next week, if the offer gets finalized.What would Microsoft intend to get out of the deal

besides Minecraft? Most likely nothing. They would not have an interest in Scrolls, or any of Mojang's other licenses. Microsoft sure would be jazzed about a special for Minecraft 2. Minecraft is readily available on everything from Android to the PlayStation 4, but a follow up could be locked down to in-house Microsoft systems, which could truly move some consoles. As for Persson, well it's $2 billion. You can be as snarky as you want to have to do with offering out, but when you actually have that much cash in your face, the mathematics changes.We have actually reached out to Mojang and Microsoft for more info, however both companies have declined to comment


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