Seriously, Mojang. I'm irritated by this bug.

  • An issue: Torches positioned with the secondary/shield hand may vanish without going back to the stock, leaving you without any torches until you visit the world once again, or you press F to switch products in between your hand.That's sort of the point of prereleases. Mojang does not have sufficient workforce to check all these things so they(and basically each business these

    days)essentially state "well we have numerous thousand/million testers out there who more than happy to do the task totally free so have at'er.")If you don't like ridiculous stupid bugs that "should not "exist, then wait until a minimum of the release prospect part of the cycle prior to upgrading.( And yes, even with a month or more of prereleases & release prospects. there's still likely to be some bugs. simply normally not right away obvious ones like your swim state being wrong.

    )I do not know if I'm the only one who has this concern, however I & simply began up 1.13 pre 6 and it looks like this. I attempted changing the language, however that hasn't worked. Any aid would be appreciated

  • I found a bug that has existed because a minimum of pre release 1. When taking a look at a phantom's wings over water, the transparent parts of the wings permit you to see straight through the water. Better concept. Have everyone stop reporting bugs up until they

  • release this damn variation already. None of this crap is game breaking stuff that HAS TO be repaired to keep back release. It can all be taken care of in between 1.13 and 1.13.1. Dolphins do not act properly

  • , huge deal! How long have we been playing with dumb acting AI mobs?There is no version that will ever be BUG FREE !! Release this fricken version already!To post a remark, please or a brand-new account.


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