of Mars Coming from 505 Games is a whole new point of view to the open world survival element. Memories of Marswill be taking you away from the house

world and placing you on the sci-fi variation of Mars, you will discover that the world isn't so devoid of life as we select to think today. Traverse the red world in search of resources and build yourself a base in order to really discover your place by establishing a house in the unknown terrain.Expected to release in Spring of 2018, this is one of the more appealing titles that I think Minecraft fans will be looking forward to exploring. Are you all set to conquer a new world?You can learn more about Memories of Mars on their site. Orc Island Focusing on the survival side of the sandbox world over the creative structure aspect is Orc Island. While there is resources to collect and buildings to be constructed up, the focus of this title is more in responding to the concern:'How will you survive?'This video game is made by the very same

team behind

Virtual Earth Online, but the more aggressive technique could be simply what some of the more hardcore Minecraft fansare looking for. All of us know that the depths of a mine could quickly end up being fatal, but it is also simple to prepare for it. What will you do in a world that isn't so familiar?This totally complimentary game is offered on the Orc Island website. Eco Taking a technique that is led by a green thumb, Eco by Strange Loop Games is going to bring a Minecraft world into an environmental balance. This time you won't have the ability to simply totally clear out a location or plug up a lake for your very own benefit. Rather, it is time that you consider exactly what your actions will do to the environment because without it you can'tsurvive!I love theconcept of having

to keep up with the environment and look forward to this video games launch on Steam come February 6th. You can find out more about Eco on their website. There you have it! 4 video games that Minecraft gamers will have the ability to genuinely enjoy and 2 of them are already offered to be bet free. Which of these titles appeared most intriguing to you?



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