< meta itemprop=image itemscope itemtype = https://schema.org/ImageObject itemref=schemaBlogLogo > The Empire Minecraft Outpost Tour series is written by me, JDHallows, an employee on Empire Minecraft. I take a trip out to different stations throughout the frontier on EMC. While there, I remember and photos of these players stations and develop an useful trip of every one. This tour is based upon the outpost kingdom of Hyrule, as founded and constructed by lauwenmark.The image above shows the work and effort lauwenmark has taken into his outpost. Showing among the grandest entrances into a station that I have ever seen, the primary gate is real to the station's name of Hyrule. With the name based upon the iconic kingdom in the Legend of Zelda video game franchise, the station lives up to the expectations.Traveling to the Kingdom of Hyrule When I met up with lauwenmark in preparation to head out to his outpost, he showed me his unique

rail system to Hyrule. The Hyrulian Lines, as lauwenmark called it, links a series of stations and builds throughout the area, with each"station"on the rail line geared up with the setup portrayed in the photo below.This innovative system permits the user to point the arrow in the item frame to the

outpost or build they wish to go to. Merely pushing the button on the wall next to the signs sets the area, then pressing the other button above the dispenser starts the minecart along the rail.Inside Hyrule In addition to the Hyrulian Line, lauwenmark has actually

made travel within

Hyrule fast and efficient also. Inside Hyrule, he has actually produced a network of portals called the Farcaster Web. By utilizing the 8 to 1 block ratio of the overworld to the nether, outpost members have the ability to travel numerous blocks in the overworld in a couple of seconds by walking from one website to the next. The system is extremely effective and is a fantastic way to travel within the Kingdom of Hyrule without requiring Epona.The very first area of the outpost that lauwenmark took me to was his huge

storage system. If you take a look at the image below, you can see rows of chests, each one holding a different product. This storage system is likewise developed around a slime portion, with the glass box in the middle being a slime farm. Once they generate in, they fall off the edge and are killed by cacti sitting below. Hoppers collect the slime balls and send them to the storage system.As lauwenmark lead me up the next few levels of his storage system,

I understood that the sorter and slime farm lie below ground. Above the surface area, lauwenmark has developed a huge tower with some awesome pixel art depicting Link from the Legend of Zelda series. What is behind the pixel art is even much better. This tower holds several floors of different automated farms, including wheat, nether wart, sugar walking cane, a generic mob farm, as well as a gold farm. All the output from these farms feed into hoppers that lead straight into the sorter developed below the tower. Hence, his storage is constantly filling up. It's really a terrific and efficient system.The Great Hyrulian Fleet While just the home of one ship at the moment, lauwenmark had the fantastic idea to produce a fleet.

Presently, the ship is land-locked, with strategies to open the bay to the neighboring sea and develop more ships. You can anticipate a true fleet sailing in the Kingdom of Hyrule's waters in the future! While a work in development, the idea and plans for the build sound exciting!Every station needs a location for the owner to rest their head, and Hyrule is no exception. This Romanesque home is lauwenmark's home in Hyrule, and it is quite remarkable! While a lot of homes have cooking areas, living rooms, and other regular house-like things, lauwenmark's home has... a swimming pool! This pool is in the perfect place too, with a wide open view of lots of sights of the outpost. You can really see the farm tower in this photo, for example.The Temple Outside the primary gate into Hyrule, envisioned in the very first image on this blog post, exists the Temple of the Holy Sand. An extremely unique block of sand is the sole reason

for the temple.Labeled "One Sand to Rule Them All,"this block of sand is extremely crucial to the Kingdom of Hyrule. The sand block was renamed by me to" JDHallow's Discount

Sand "and sent to lauwenmark as a present. "JDHallows Promotion Sand"is a joke item that I renamed quickly after I was promoted to personnel. I sent a few of them out to good friends and other individuals on EMC at the time. Lauwenmark keeps it on screen for all his visitors to see.Link's Statue Just when I believed the tour was over, lauwenmark had one last construct he wished to show me. It is currently a work in progress, lauwenmark's half completed statue of Link is currently a breathtaking sight. I was in awe at how sensible it looks and I look forward to seeing it completed.With a statue to finish, a fleet to construct, and a Kingdom to grow, lauwenmark is an extremely ambitious and hectic outpost owner. I am looking forward to my return to Hyrule and seeing the end outcome. Maybe when I do, I will write an upgraded version of this blog post so we can all see how it has changed throughout the ages. Until then, I eagerly anticipate seeing how other station owners can astonish me with their imagination and ingenuity!Empire Minecraft Outpost Tours by JDHallows Would you like to have a trip of your outpost posted on the blog?

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Empire Minecraft members!Would you want to see another station trip? Click here to see the previous outpost tour on the blog site!



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