If you are already familiar with Minecraft, you are aware that this world is great and immense. How to you move fast in it for long distances? In creative mode, you can fly and without problems move in flight quite far, but in the survival mode, you can get lost and disappear in search of your city. What can you do if you need to get there urgently exactly where you need? Portals will help to do this. You just need to build and activate them. On the site , you will find instructions on how to do this.

In any version of the game, the portal can only be to hell and back, but you can and should use this portal to move to the city or to the point of the world where you built it. There is also a portal to Ender, but it cannot be built on a survival mode, you can only find it. But in the creative mode, it can be done.

A portal to hell is the only portal that you can build without mods. You need at least 10 obsidian blocks (it’s an economy version of the portal, but in general it is built of 14 blocks) and a lighter. Spread from the obsidian a rectangle in 4 blocks horizontally and 5 vertically with an empty middle. Ignite the bottom block and activate the portal. Now, entering it, your character will fall into hell from hell stone and lava. To build a portal to hell is possible in creative mode, but on Minecraft Android such a portal will not work, in the version of the game for the tablet, the portal is replaced by the reactor in the lower world, which is done quite differently.

In order to build a portal to hell, first get obsidian, pour lava into the water from the bucket (or, conversely, water into lava). Then extract the obsidian blocks with a diamond pickaxe (and only a diamond pick, no other pick will fit). Prepare the flint.

We spread the frame 4х5, it is possible even without corners. We ignite the bottom block and the portal is ready to move you into the hell itself.

In hell, you will come out of the same portal, which will be created there by itself. To go back to your world, enter it.

In the versions of Minecraft PE 0.12. the portal to hell is built exactly the same way. But in the other versions, it is built from gold, cobblestones and a reactor.

In order to make it, you first need to put 4 gold blocks opposite each other. Between these blocks put cobblestones (with a cross). Then comes the second layer: in the middle of the reactor, for each gold block place it on a cobblestone. The third layer: put on top of the cobblestone the reactor, put 4 more cobblestones in the same way.

Then go into survival mode, tap on the reactor and, if you do it right, then you will go to hell. The portal is activated when you touch the reactor with a sword. By the way, good equipment will not harm.

A portal into the city – this, in fact, is the same hell. Not the entrance, but the way out. No matter how many portals you can create in hell, you will always go out from the one that was built the very first, so it should be built where your house is located, that is, in the city. If you make the first portal in the forest, then you will always go out into the forest.

There is no other way to get into the city without mods. Tested in practice, all other portals can be done only after installing the mods.

Portal in the land (Ender)

The Edge is a world in the form of an island inhabited by a lot of wanderers of the region, as well as a dragon. After the destruction of the dragon, the player can see the ultimate game screensaver.

In the creative mode, it can be built from 12 frames + 12 edges of the Edge. All frames should be parallel to each other and face inward (it is better to put blocks from the inside, being in the center of the portal). To activate the teleport, insert the edge of the Edge into each frame.

Portal in the land for survival is not created, it can only be found in the fortress with the help of Ender’s eye. It consists of 12 frames in the form of a square ring. To search for a portal to the edge and activate it, a large amount of the «eye of the edge» is required, which is created from the «pearl of the edge», which in turn falls out of the Enderman (wanderers of the province). The Wanderer of the Edge appears in dark caves at night, and quite rarely.

The recipe for the edge of the eye (Ender’s eye): Fiery powder + Pearl edge.

The fiery powder is made from a fiery rod, which falls out of the Efreet (the Efreet dwell in hell, you can find their spawners there). It is necessary to throw the eye of Enderman into the air with the right mouse button and watch where it falls, from where the eye fell, it is necessary to throw the following. When you see that the eye goes down under the ground, you need to start going down there – the portal to the edge is directly below it. Be careful, next to the portal edge can be hostile mobs. The portal lacks a certain amount of eyes, they need to be inserted with the right button, then the portal to the edge is activated and it will be enough to jump into it to get to the edge. You can leave the edge only by killing a dragon or by dying.

Portal to Heaven

There is no heaven in the official Minecraft game. There is an ordinary world, a lower world (hell) and an edge, and in order for heaven to appear, a special mode, called Aether, should be installed. If the mod is not installed, then the portal to heaven is not activated. It can be done, but it will work only with the mod.

Twilight Forest – mode of the twilight forest. Put the mod and build a portal. The portal needs 1 diamond, a bucket of water, a shovel and 12 flowers or mushrooms. Dig a hole 2×2 with a depth of one block. Fill it with water and plant blocks around the perimeter with flowers or mushrooms. Throw a diamond into the water and leave, so that lightning does not hit us. Go to the portal. Immediately build a safe haven, the best variant is to build it under the ground because in this world hostile mobs are always active.

Portal in space

Its construction without mods is possible only in version 1.2.5. For later versions of the game in order to get into space, you should install one of the following mods: GalactiCraft or AstroCraft. And with the help of mods MarsPlanetAlfa or MarsPlanetMode you can make a portal to Mars. And do not forget that before you fly into space, you’ll need to make a space suit.

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