First-of-its-Kind Competition for Minecraft to Penetrate the Creative Possible of AI

By NYU Tandon School of Engineering|May 30, 2018



Neural networks like Google's AlphaZero have shown that expert system (AI) can find out, play, and win complex video games like Go and chess. But how is AI at free-form creativity?Neural networks like Google's AlphaZero have shown that expert system(AI )can learn, play, and win complex games like Go and chess. How is AI at free-form creativity?A group at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is seeking to address this concern by challenging game developers, computer system researchers, and enthusiasts to create algorithms that can produce adaptive settlements, such as villages and cities, for Microsoft's Minecraft, amongst the most popular video games ever. A"sandbox,"a style of video game in which very little character constraints are put on players, allowing them to wander and change worlds at will, Minecraft is also a perfect environment where to check the innovative potential of AI.The GDMC( Generative Design in Minecraft )Competition will christoph salge, innovative ai, free-form imagination, generative style in minecraft competitors, Exactly What a Computational Writer (MEXICA) Can Tell United States about Imagination?


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