Telltale Games is bringing its E3 2018, where it tweeted about the relocation and announced that it is also developing a game based upon Stranger Things.

Details are still emerging, however Telltale stated that it is now dealing with the Stranger Things game, which will be coming to consoles and PC. It said it doesn't have any additional details to share right now, but would have more to state about the game later in the year.Now, Netflix has actually responded to both stories. The company has actually confirmed to TechRadar that MineCraft: Story Mode for Netflix will be five-part certified interactive story series. The streaming service said the Stranger Things Obvious series would not be on Netflix, but is rather an extension of its marketing efforts. Finally, Netflix stated it has no plans to obtain into video gaming. "There's a broad spectrum of home entertainment readily available today," the business stated. "Games have ended up being increasingly cinematic, however we view this as interactive narrative storytelling on our service."

At E3 2017, Telltale Games informed GameSpot it was extremely thinking about bringing its video games to brand-new platforms. "I think there is a lot of space for Telltale to carry on to platforms that the majority of people don't even really consider to be video game systems," the business said. "A great deal of boxes of various ranges in houses-- millions and millions of houses across America, where individuals do not even believe game-playing is possible on them, but perhaps they're viewing stories or taking in narrative-driven content or streaming it.

"And for us, we're looking at that. It would be abstruse to consider playing a Grand Theft Automobile over Netflix. It would not be so abstruse to believe about playing an Obvious game over a streaming video service of that calibre."


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