Earlier this month, James Osprey : Your server will be setup seconds after we process your payment.99 %Uptime: That is our guarantee. If we fail, we will credit our account

for 2x the time of the downtime based upon the worth of your server.DDoS Defense: As you most likely know

, Minecraft servers have actually remained in the news of late due to the hacking of servers by IOT Botnets.

We take security seriously and take every action essential to guarantee defense from malware and other hacking methods.Control Panels: Take the guesswork out of running your very own server. Our Minecraft service utilizes this easy-to-use feature for server management.24/ 7 Assistance: We provide 24/7 technical assistance for Minecraft assistance, and our support is always free.Want to read more about our Minecraft services? Visit our website today to get more information and use our Live Chat service.

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