August turned 7 this year, and he wanted a Minecraft-themed birthday celebration. We welcomed his buddies for an afternoon at our house with pizza and cake, and a legendary real-life Minecraft fort!Full credit for

this concept goes to Brandon, who ordered 2 dozen big, plain moving boxes and plastic tablecloths with a turf print to make Minecraft blocks. The very best technique we found was to staple the tablecloth along the top 4 corners, then eliminated a wavy hem to wrap around the top sides and protect with packaging tape. Brandon likewise covered giant sheets of foamcore that we had on hand with the very same pattern, and utilized one additional table linen with a wooden board style for 'oak planks'. (Foamcore that big can be tough to find and/or costly, FYI. Blankets would work simply fine too.)

Stacking packages three high made the fort just the best size, and I have to confess looked quite wonderful if you were kid-sized to run through the weaves! I approve letting kids guide their own play, but we did desire to ensure there was an appealing activity at the party so that visitors weren't feeling bored. All of us interacted to set up the fort, they played, took a break in the middle for lunch and cake, and after that we reorganized the fort for them to play some more till the celebration was done.

The kids liked the red jumbo kids'foundation.

The worst part of hosting a party in the house is usually the clean-up, however this wasn't regrettable! Stack the boxes up again, and most of the mess was taken care of. I'm on a huge cleansing and cleaning out kick, so we'll reuse the boxes to gather contributions. They 'd be handy for storage too, and there are constantly households looking for moving boxes that might utilize them.If you have a Minecraft-loving kid and need a birthday party activity, this is a terrific one!

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